Best Shirts to Match Air Jordan 1

The Air Jordan 1 is one of the most respected pairs of shoes in the sneaker world. The shoes have become a go-to for streetwear youth and celebrities worldwide since it had its court debut in 1985. More importantly, the popularity of the Air Jordan line was acknowledged by the fashion industry because of its unique sense of style. However, choosing the best attire to match your Jordans may be challenging given the variety of clothing available.

Well, for some it might be a bit difficult to know how to wear Jordan 1s especially if you’re still finding your rhythm in the streetwear realm. So we thought we'd lend you a hand here at illCurrency by giving you advice on how to look for the best shirts to match your Air Jordan 1. 

How to style your Air Jordan 1 Sneakers?

Starting with the originals is always the best option, right? One of the most recognizable sneakers of all time is the Jordan 1 Bred model. The sneaker became known as the "Banned 1s" because Michael Jordan began receiving fines from the NBA each time he wore them on the court. This just increased the appeal of the footwear.

So given the popularity of these sneakers, one must remember that there are several styles that you should consider when wearing Jordan 1s because of its aesthetics. But always keep in mind that the best way to style these shoes is by keeping the outfit simple to make sure that your AJ1 is the focal point of your ensemble.

Here at illCurrency, we offer the proper and ideal complement for your Air Jordan 1 sneakers! This range of Jordan matching shirts is known for its stylish and comfy sneaker tees that allow you to hit the streets in a sleek ensemble. As everything in this collection is both essential and stylish, it's definitely a terrific complement to your on-court Michael Jordan sneaker-matching gear rotation.

With this, allow us to give you a quick round-up of the sneaker matching tees included in the Air Jordan 1 collection:

Complete the outfit with the right pants or shorts 

Now that you’re aware of the wonders of sneaker matching tees from illCurrency, it’s time to talk about what kind of bottoms you would want to complement your shoes and shirt. 

This is something that many sneakerheads take for granted, yet it still has to be acknowledged. Your fit depends on your choice of pants. Too tight, and your feet will resemble boats. If you're too baggy, Michael Jordan-like fashion inspo may be the end result. A tapered trouser that rests just exactly on the top of the tongue is the ideal medium. You simply want to be able to put your shoes on.

You may want some new pants as well if you must continually adjust them to ensure that they fall properly. Though you don't want too much extra length, denim with a slight stack often looks best. This is how it will over a bunch. Not at all what we desire. However, only when you're donning sweatpants are elastic cuffs appropriate. At this time, perhaps it would be best to keep your khaki and denim joggers in the closet.

Wear your Air Jordan 1s with baggy pants too!

No, we're not referring to shabby #NTDenim. This is not a recommendation to head to Target and get a pair of Wrangler boot cuts to finish the look. However, there are a ton of fashionable baggy choices available, particularly now that the baggy trend appears to be totally back in style. The best thing is that this is also quite reasonably priced. So don’t be afraid to pair your sneaker tees and shoes with these pants.

Wear your Air Jordan 1s with shorts too!

Some folks consistently wear pants. Many people, however, do not have the means to go outside during the warm months without wearing shorts. If you belong to the second group, you are aware that wearing the right socks is a critical component. Air Jordan 1s are a good example of this. Be careful not to overthink this. Crew socks from Nike in the standard colors of black or white will do.

Given all the ways how to style your Air Jordan 1s, the best way will always be to wear them with pride and joy. Sounds cliche? But hey, that’s true! Just wear them! The most important thing is that you’re comfortable with them. 

There are indeed more to the realm of sneaker matching shirts and pants of Air Jordan, to explore more about it don’t forget to visit illCurrency for the trusted outfits to complement your kicks.