Grabbing some new drop Jordans? Update your sneaker fashion wardrobe with some fresh custom clothing!

You’ve been waiting for what seems like forever. Counting down the days until they finally arrive. As the big day gets closer, anticipation begins to peak because you know that before long, you’ll soon have them. A box-fresh pair of the latest drop Jordans. And this year, we’re going to see some fresh takes on the classic Nike Air Jordans indeed. Every sneakerhead is different, but the ones we’re getting primed for are the Air Jordan 3 Retro “Cardinal” and the Air Jordan 12 Retro “Playoff”. Well, that’s just for now. There is so much of the year left to come, and so many Jordan drops yet to land, we gotta save up our nervous energy! One thing that you shouldn’t be waiting for is outfitting your sneaker fashion wardrobe. When you’re waiting for the latest Jordans to drop is the perfect time to invest in some custom clothing that will not only match your new shoes but make them, and your whole outfit, really pop!

And while you’re waiting for the new Jordans to drop, now is also the perfect time to brush up on your sneakerhead culture. With this in mind, let’s look at how the sneakerhead movement got its start and how it transformed over time to become the $1 billion market that it is today.

custom clothing sneaker fashion

1970s – 80s: B-boys

Sneaker collecting first became a thing in the late 1970s when the musical genre known as hip-hop was just beginning in New York City. B-boys could be seen sporting the unique, custom clothes that remain a defining image of early hip-hop. Likewise, their sneakers were also customized to fit their overall look. And they would achieve this by either changing the color of the laces to suit their outfit or by coloring in the triple stripes their Adidas. Once they had done this for one pair of shoes, it was standard custom at the time to buy more sneakers so these too could be matched to different outfits.

1985: Air Jordans

The sneaker collecting craze swept across America once His Airness dropped the first pair of Air Jordans in 1985. Nike Air Jordans sold out everywhere as they quickly became a desired status symbol. However, the shoe’s mega-popularity rubbed diehard sneakerheads the wrong way. Just like the B-boys, they too wanted to wear kicks that would make them stand out. So, what did they do? Traveling store to store to find out-of-production colorways became the new pastime for sneakerheads everywhere. Sometimes this meant journeying for hundreds of miles in the search for rare deadstock. And when they struck gold, they would usually purchase as many pairs as they could afford, keeping some “on ice” to ensure a fresh supply for years.

Today: Sneaker Fashion and Custom Clothing

With the advent of the internet, sneakerheads can now do all their searching from the comfort of their own home. And sneaker collecting has penetrated popular culture as well as high fashion. Nowadays there is a massive secondary market in sneaker resales. In fact, it’s so big there is even a stock-market just for sneakers. And the sneaker fashion movement too, has skyrocketed in popularity. Whenever you create an outfit, using our custom clothing of course, inspired by the sneakers you’re wearing, that’s an example of sneaker fashion.

Choosing custom clothing pieces to complement and highlight your fresh kicks creates a unique look. And just like the B-boys and original sneakerheads, it all begins with finding the right pair of cool sneakers. Pairing these with some well-chosen custom clothing options makes sure your outfit stands out from the crowd and looks tight.

custom clothing sneaker fashion

If you’re like us, you just can’t wait to get your hands (feet) on a new pair of Air Jordan 3 Retro Cardinals. If so, be sure to really show these off by choosing a bold print tee that matches the colorway and cool late 80s vibe of the 3s.

custom clothing sneaker fashion

Maybe you’re holding out for the new drop Air Jordan 12 Retro Playoffs. We suggest opting for even bigger and bolder matching sneaker fashion to match the iconic design of these shoes. Maybe you’re not holding out, and you’re going to get both these new Jordan drops. Heck, maybe you’re going to get your hands on as many new drop Jordans as you can. You are a sneakerhead, of course. And you’re in good company, because at illcurrency so are we.