Guide on How to Spot Fake Sneakers

There’s nothing worse than spending hours in line or waiting anxiously for a shoe sale to drop. You’re not sure if your spot in line is going to guarantee you the shoes in the size you want, and you don’t know if the website is going to crash with the potentially thousands who are waiting for the sale to appear. 

But what is by far worse than the waiting is the letdown that comes when you don’t find what you want, when you’re too far back in line, or when the server can’t handle the bandwidth and crashes, leaving you without a chance in heck of getting the sneakers you want. Many have experienced this disappointment. Disappointment often leads to desperation. That’s right; we’re talking about being duped into purchasing fake sneakers

Listen, we understand the temptation. And sometimes you can find a steal of a deal. Other times, it’s a front and a lie. So, the next time you’re tempted to purchase a pair of shoes online or through a digital marketplace, take a moment and be cautious. We’ve even got some suggestions and tips for things to do and watch out for that should help you when it comes to spotting fake sneakers

Spotting Fake Sneakers

Keep an eye out for any of the following. If the situation, seller, or shoes check one or multiple of these boxes, you’ve likely got a fake pair of sneakers on your hands. 

Packaging Is Odd

Fake packaging on fake shoes isn’t going to be like the real deal. We recommend checking out official images of the official packaging the shoes should be in so you can compare them to the packaging of the shoes on sale. 

real vs fake jordan box

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Colors Are Off

Colorways are a big deal with sneaker brands. Each brand and each shoe has its own unique colors. When someone is trying to pawn off a fake pair of sneakers as real, sometimes the colors can be off. Do your research. Take time to look closely at the colors of the real sneakers and compare them to the ones on sale. You can even use a color matching app on your computer or laptop to make sure the colors match. 

real vs fake jordan colors

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Very Rare Shoes Are Sold in Multiple Sizes

If the seller is claiming to have a pair of exceptionally rare shoes, it’s unlikely they’ll have enough pairs of said shoes to sell them in multiple, highly sought-after sizes. It’s more likely the real deal if it’s just one pair of shoes in one size. 

Seller Isn’t Willing to Post Multiple Pictures With Multiple Angles of the Shoe 

This is just a red flag all around. If the shoes are legit, the seller should have no problem or difficulty doing this for you as a potential buyer. If they aren’t willing to give you images of multiple angles, it’s almost a sure bet there’s something off about the shoes that you’ll notice in the pictures. And they sure won’t want to risk that. 

Do Side-by-Side Comparisons of the Sneakers from Different Angles 

If you do get images of the shoes from the seller, we recommend finding legit images of the shoes on verified websites and doing a side-by-side comparison of the following areas:

  • Stitching
  • Shape (especially the toe angle)
  • Material (especially if you can handle it in person)
  • Logo placements and other tiny details

real vs fake jordan final

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Be very wary of sellers claiming inconsistencies or imperfections are a result of factory imperfections, thus making them even more rare and expensive. 


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