How To Match Shoes With Your Outfit

By mastering color matching, you can stock your closet with a ton of fantastic shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, and other outfit possibilities. You must remember that picking the proper shirt and pant colors is crucial, your outfit style won't be at its best unless you also understand how to pair clothing with footwear. You may prevent typical fashion mistakes that some people make when matching their shoes with other items in their wardrobe by knowing what color shoes to wear with a variety of formal, business, and casual clothes.   

Prior to thinking about the color of the shoes you select, you must first select the best style to go with your clothing. Knowing when and where your shoes are acceptable in specific situations is just as crucial as picking the ideal set of pants and shirts for the occasion. You must match the appropriate shoes to one of the following pant options depending on the situation:

  • Bottoms: Almost any type of shoe will go great with a pair of jeans. A solid rule of thumb is to choose a shoe style that corresponds to the formality of your clothing. Try loafers or trainers for a more laid-back appearance, while boots or shoes made of leather will work nicely for a more elegant appearance.
  • Basic pants: Shoes go great with many different styles of casual jeans. In general, it's advisable to avoid sports or novelty shoes and choose loafers or other casual footwear instead.
  • Formal pants: Formal shoes should be worn with formal slacks. Always strive to wear the proper type of formal shoes to seem professional, attractive, and eager to please, whether or not you're wearing a suit.

Keep the following in consideration while picking the color of your shoes/sneakers:

  • Black shoes are the first pair you should attempt if you're ever unsure about what color shoes to wear with your attire. As long as the shoe type is matched properly with the pants, this color looks well with all shoe styles.
  • Due to their vast spectrum of colors that span from formal to casual, brown shoes are maybe the second most flexible color of shoes you can buy. When wearing brown shoes, it's important to coordinate their color and design with your attire. Darker tones are often seen to be more formal than lighter shades.
  • Tan shoes are a fantastic alternative to brown shoes since it is a neutral hue. Tan may give casual clothing like jeans, boating shorts, and dressier trousers a hint of serious flair even though they are far more casual than brown shoes.
  • If worn properly, blue or navy shoes, which you might not have in your shoe collection, could boost your appearance. These hues can go nicely with some black or neutral outfits and are frequently seen on textured shoes like suede or canvas.
  • White sneakers are a timeless wardrobe must for many guys, and with good reason. These cozy shoes are neutral and go well with almost all of your wardrobe's garments. As long as you maintain your white shoes spotless, you'll discover that you can wear them with anything from cargo shorts to casual slacks.
  • Shoes with non-neutral color schemes tend to be sporty, casual, or novelty styles. When purchasing colors that might clash with the rest of your wardrobe, even though they go well with some color combinations, you should have an appropriate outfit in mind. Either try to keep your outfit neutral or keep a go-to set of shirts, pants, and accessories that go well with the shoes.

Regardless of how well the color scheme matches. Here are some more reminders:

  • You should have clean sneakers. To make the colors of your clothing harmoniously blend, keep them clean or polished.
  • Dark hues like black or brown are typically ideal defaults for the majority of clothing color schemes, and solid-color shoes are always preferable to shoes with many colors.
  • Brightly colored pants or shirts should be coordinated with or complemented by subdued tones in the shoes.
  • Even if they don't give you the look you want, wear the appropriate shoes for the occasion. It's usually preferable to wear the appropriate shoes in a neutral hue rather than the incorrect style.   

What accessories match your outfit?

Whether they are conscious of it or not, many guys adorn their clothing every day. Depending on how their accessory colors complement or contrast with their clothing colors, everything from a belt, tie, and hat to their choice of watches, jewelry, and even bags may either add another dimension to their style or completely ruin their ensemble. Even though they are little, these accessories deserve the same care as the rest of your apparel. Here are some pointers for choosing accessories that complement your wardrobe.


Your bag of choice must be both fashionable and useful. The bag's color and material should be considered since they go well with your attire. While elegant canvas looks excellent with a casual appearance, premium fabrics often go better with more dressy attire. The best colors to choose from are neutrals, which go nicely with a wide range of clothing combinations. When picking bags with patterns and designs, go the other way and wear neutral-colored clothing with chic bags that match the accessories in your ensemble.

Watch and jewelry

The general idea is to always match your metals based on hue while wearing any form of metal. Basically, as long as the colors match, it doesn't matter if you wear silver and chrome or gold and brass. This implies that you should coordinate your watch, rings, chains, earrings, and even your belt and shoe buckles if you're a guy. Even if it technically clashes, wearing a wedding band, beloved watch, or piece of jewelry with sentimental value is always the best option.


Others may merely accessorize their attire with a hat that is appropriate for the occasion, while some won't leave the home without a cap at all. If you match the color of your hat to your attire, regardless of how frequently you choose to wear one or not, you'll seem more stylish. You may always wear neutral-colored hats without having to worry about them clashing, or you can opt to wear a novelty or sports hat as your own personal style statement. Take into account these choices if you wish to elegantly match the color to your outfit:

  • For a pop of color with a simple ensemble, go for a solid color or complimentary multicolored hat.
  • Choose a hat whose hue goes well with your shirt and shoes.
  • Choose a hat that contrasts with the color of your shirt and shoes.
  • Don't forget to match your hat to your shoes and other accessories.
  • Prior to matching your tie or undershirt color, attempt to match the color of your suit jacket and pants for formal or semi-formal attire.

When you know how to pair shoes and clothing, it's simple to develop a look that makes you feel confident and at ease. Color-coordinating your attire and understanding what shoes to wear to complete it may completely change how you seem. Every person should feel and look beautiful in the best attire possible.