Jordans and Matching Tees to Wear This New Year 2023

If you are wondering how to style your Jordans with some delightful outfits, then you have come to the right place! Kicks are the main obsession for the majority of us sneakerheads. In order to upgrade your ensembles, we set out on a series of wardrobe hacks. It might be common to see sick shoes being worn with awful fitting. Here in this article, we are going to dive into 5 ways you can style outfits around your Jordan sneakers this new year.

1. Wear your sneakers with a sporty look tees and accessories

Put on some joggers or leggings to create a sporty, varsity vibe and show off your love of sports clothing (or athleisure). By adding earrings, lipstick, or other accessories, you may dress up or down an outfit of this type. Sporty attire is ideal for a long day of shopping, going out for coffee with pals, or even attending your coworker's weekend sports game. As alternate choices, consider wearing sweatshirts, hoodies, or tank tops. Put a baseball cap on to complete the look. 

2. Wear your favorite graphic t-shirt featuring the GOAT

Jordan shoes don't require sophisticated styling. Treat them like any other pair of sneakers and team them with your go-to favorites from your closet for a style that is as comfy as it is recognizable. The accessories hold the magic. For instance, one of the best shirts to wear is by paying homage to one of the best and most adored basketball players – Michael Jordan. Matching tees featuring the greatest player of all time is the easiest and classiest style to wear as streetwear.

Air Jordan 3 "Dark Iris" White T-Shirt The GOAT

3. Wear with a tank top and denim shorts for a summer outfit

Why not try a summer outfit for a contemporary girl-next-door or boy-next-door look? When sporting a street-style look, attitude is everything. Put on a pair of short, high-waisted shorts and tuck in a muscle tank or another tank top with thin straps. Add some bracelets and a big belt as accessories. Of course, the Jordans are the show-stopping focal point of the ensemble. So choose a chic pair in black and white. If you style your hair in beachy waves, you'll be summer-ready, gals!

4. Wear with a military green t-shirt and a camo hat

Look no farther for a timeless street-style ensemble. We adore how everyone can wear Tomboy accessories and yet look great and stunning. An old-school pair of Jordans looks great with a camo baseball cap! You can get ready with a pair of camouflage leggings or pants and a military green t-shirt.

Air Jordan 3 Patchwork DOPE Military Green T-Shirt Worn by Male Model

5. Wear with black jeans and a sweatshirt 

Check out this outfit—a sweater that matches your sneakers—for a charming shopping appearance or even a laid-back date with your special someone. Leggings, a crop top, and a stylish sweatshirt or hoodie look great with a pair of white Jordans. More possibilities for sweatshirts with the greatest designs may be found here.

The ideal approach to wearing Jordans is to style them in a way that makes you feel comfortable. If you prefer wearing joggers to jeans, go for it! When it comes to wearing your Nike Jordans, there are no restrictions (but maybe avoid the Adidas socks).

Customization is one method to really showcase your unique sense of style. Change the laces, wear them with some tie-dye socks, or give them a little more use.

We enjoy seeing individuals wear their sneakers in unique ways more than anything else. Do not be alarmed by a few dings or scrapes here and there on the toe box! The most crucial fashion tip for Jordan 1s is to wear them with confidence; this will ensure that your clothes always look fantastic.