Shirts to Match Air Jordan Bordeaux 6's

In 2021, Nike Jordan revenue soared by 31%, increasing the Jordan Brand's revenue to $4.7 billion. 

And there's no doubt as to why Jordan shoes are so popular. Not only do they make great collector's items for sports and shoe fans alike, but they offer high-quality performance shoes in dozens of styles and colorways.

Joining this ever-popular collection are the Jordan Bordeaux 6s. With their futuristic design and muted-yet-unique colorway, these newly-released Jordans are sure to give your wardrobe a fresh look. 

But what should you wear your new Jordan Bordeaux 6s with? Naturally, you want to wear these new release shoes as soon as possible!

Don't worry, because our guide has you covered. Keep reading for our top t-shirt picks for your new kicks!

The Bordeaux 6 Colorway

Before we get into how to style your new Jordans, let's take a closer look at the Bordeaux 6 colorway.

This will help you determine which colors of the shoes you want to emphasize as you look at your options.

Unlike some of the other Jordan models with their bright pops of color, the Bordeaux 6s are a lot more muted overall. The body of the shoe is a mix of black and medium gray, with a few bits of beige on the sole.

The pops of color come from the tongue of the shoe, which is a rich, eggplant purple. This same purple is on a tab at the back of the shoe that's accented with a bit of army green.

Finally, the front of the shoe has a pop of color with a bright golden-yellow cord lock that has the Jordan logo on it.

The more muted tones on these shoes make them easier to style, especially if you like wearing neutrals with a few pops of color.

Keep the colors you like to wear in mind as we explore the many t-shirt options for your new kicks!

Bug an Daffy Shirt

The white Bug and Daffy shirt is perfect if you're a classic cartoon and comic book fan. 

This shirt features a sporty-looking rabbit leaping up into the air and looking like he's about to throw a punch at a duck wearing a cape who's running away from him.

These characters are reminiscent of the popular cartoon characters Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, who look like they've upgraded to become superheroes in this beautifully shaded artwork. 

The simple black and purple colors of this shirt are perfect as they match your sneakers without distracting from the detail of the shirt.

I Don’t Believe Your Lies Shirt

For fans of classic Old Hollywood movies and noir films, the I Don't Believe Your Lies shirt is a perfect choice.

This shirt has a purple rectangle with an image of a dark purple rose inside. Overtop of the rose are the words "I don't believe your lies" written in gray font. 

The font also has an interesting "ink-dot" effect, which is reminiscent of old-school comic book ink.

From the placement of the font to the font effects, this shirt is reminiscent of classic noir films and is also a great option if you're not a fan of wearing bright colors. This shirt also comes in white if you'd like more contrast.

Focus On the Grind Shirt

For those who understand that success is all about keeping the momentum even when things are tough, the Focus On Grind shirt is a top pick. 

This shirt features the words "focus on the grind" written on the front of it in bold capital letters. But instead of putting a simple message on the front, the shirt also has some extra design details that make it unique.

The t-shirt's slogan has a bold yellow slash going through the words, and the letters on the right side of the shirt are blurry. They also feature blue, gold, and purple triangles to direct your attention to the inspirational slogan.

It Was All a Dream Shirt

For rap music fans, you'll love the It Was All a Dream shirt. The main design element of the shirt is a rapper who looks a lot like the famous rapper The Notorious B.I.G. 

The rapper on the shirt wears sunglasses as well as a colorful blue t-shirt and a jacket with a gold and purple design. Underneath the rapper is the slogan "it was all a dream" in bold purple and gold lettering that looks like it was written with a marker.

This shirt adds some great detail and pops of complementary color to your shoes. It also looks like it could be the album color of a popular rap album, making it the perfect choice for music fans.

Freedom Can't Wait Shirt

For those who love to feature inspirational figures on their shirts, then look no further than the Freedom Can't Wait shirt. 

This shirt features Malcolm X, a human rights activist who was a prominent figure during the Civil Rights Movement.

The shirt features three black-and-white photographs of a determined-looking Malcolm X with the words "freedom can't wait" placed on top in gray and purple.

While this shirt perfectly matches your Bordeaux Jordans, its powerful message is sure to resonate with many people as well.

Buku Shirt

The Buku shirt is a great option if you enjoy cartoons with an edgy flair to them. 

This shirt comes in black and features a gray panda sticking its tongue out at the viewer. The colors on the panda's face reflect the orange and purple of the shoes and also have blue and red to add some more variety.

This shirt is quite whimsical because the bear has a gold coin with the illCurrency logo replacing one of its ears, as well as a lightning bolt eyebrow and a gold tooth for even more detail.

Splash 6 Shirt

If you love the playfulness of having Air Jordans on your t-shirt as well as on your feet, you'll love the Splash 6 shirt.

This shirt features the Jordan Bordeaux 6s with a black splash coming from them and the words "illCurrency" printed below the shoes in yellow.

Since the shoes are pointed downward, the shirt has a whimsical look, almost as if someone were running and jumping into water.

The t-shirt comes in both black and white, so get the color that suits your style best. The white option would look great with jeans, while the black option would be good if you prefer to wear your Jordans with sweats or joggers.

Love Shirt

The Love shirt is a softer and more artistic take on the Bordeaux 6 colorway and is a perfect choice if you're not a fan of prints that stand out too much.

This shirt features the word "love" written as two rows in golden font to match the cord lock on the shoes. Surrounding the letters are detailed illustrations of flowers that go in front of and behind the letters.

The background of the flowers is the same purple color that's on the tongue of the shoes, and the words "love" match the gray of the shoes, making this t-shirt a perfect match for your new kicks. 

Limit Shirt

Sneaker heads who also love motivational messaging are sure to appreciate the Limit shirt

This black t-shirt has the words "break every limit" written on it in gray letters. And to add to the inspirational message of this shirt, the word "limit" is covered in a pattern that looks like someone punching through a wall of glass.

The other letters on the t-shirt also have this "broken glass effect," and have blue, purple, and yellow streaks on them to match the shirt and add contrast.

Elephant Art Shirt

For the artists and art fans out there, the Elephant Art shirt is the perfect choice for you. This black shirt features beautiful elephant artwork that looks like it could have come straight from a high-end artist's studio.

The gray elephant featured at the front of the shirt is decorated with purple stripes and a beautiful pattern reminiscent of the lotus flower symbol, which represents fortune.

Behind the elephant are gold and purple bubbles to make the shirt stand out against the black background.

This shirt is perfect if you want to complement the muted tones of your shoes with matching artwork that's as artistic as you are.

Rich Mentality Shirt

Another whimsical pick is the Rich Mentality shirt. This black shirt has several more colors on it than what's on your sneakers, so opt for this one if you'd like some more variety with color.

This shirt features a bear wearing a fancy outfit and sunglasses posing next to a pile of money. Behind the bear is the word "rich" in the gold, gray, and purple of the sneakers and the word "mentality" in cool handwritten font underneath. 

Not only is this shirt whimsical due to the bear and its pose, but it also shows that you're dedicated to your goals and are striving to improve your life while having fun along the way.

Poisonous Shirt

The Poisonous shirt is another example of a shirt that not only matches your sneakers but helps motivate you and those around you. 

This shirt sticks to a black background in order to emphasize the message and image more. The shirt features a purple and green snake with the words "poisonous" and the illCurrency logo behind it.

Underneath the snake is the message "what doesn't kill you, will make you stronger." This shirt echoes how much inner strength we all have as long as we don't give up.

The motivational message also echoes some of the inspirations behind basketball shoes, as the athletes they're modeled on are some of the strongest and most determined people we've seen. 

Caring for Your Bordeaux 6s and Matching Shirts

Your matching t-shirt and sneakers journey doesn't stop at buying sneakers and shopping online. If you want your shoes and matching apparel to last, you need to care for them properly.

To care for printed t-shirts and prevent them from cracking, make sure to wash them in the most delicate setting on your machine.

You'll also want to wash your t-shirts with like colors and wash them inside-out. To preserve the design for as long as possible, try to hang the shirts to dry instead of putting them in the dryer.

As for your Bordeaux 6s, make sure to store them in either a shoebox, dust bag, or on a clean shoe rack. You want to make sure your shoes aren't near anything that could scuff or stain them.

If your shoes become muddy or dirty, you want to wipe them off with a damp cloth and let them dry.

To maintain leather shoes, you also want to treat them regularly with specialty shoe lotion to make sure they don't crack. Check the Nike website as well to see if they have any special instructions for how to care for your shoes.

Specific shoe care instructions for basketball shoes include:

  • Avoiding exposure to the elements
  • Leaving them to air out after physical activity
  • Storing them in their original box, if possible
  • Cleaning dirt with a soft-bristled brush
  • Washing the outside with a mixture of water and gentle detergent 

When you follow the right care tips for your shoes and for your matching t-shirts, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite outfit combinations for years to come.

Match Your New Bordeaux 6s Effortlessly

No matter how many pairs of Jordans you might already have, the muted and unique colorway of the Bordeaux 6s is sure to add a different flair to your wardrobe.

And since the shoes have several different colors you can emphasize, the t-shirt and outfit combinations are endless!

At illCurrency, we custom design t-shirts and hoodies to match the latest sneaker releases. 

For even more sneaker matching apparel, be sure to check out our online catalog today.