Shirts to Match Jordan 6 Hare Sneakers

The Jordan 6 Hare is one of the most well-known sneakers in the world. These sneakers have great finesse, style, and durability. But even if you're a well-versed sneakerhead, it can still be hard to find the right outfits to wear with them.

And before you know it, your sneakers are just sitting in your closet because you can't find matching t-shirts! Luckily, our guide is here to show you some of the most exclusive t-shirts to match your Jordan 6 Hare shoes perfectly!

How to Style Jordan 6 Hare Sneakers 

Before we start showing you some great t-shirts let's look at the design and fit of the Jordan 6 Hare sneakers. For starters, the fit of the shoe is true to size, and they do give you some extension. This sneaker also has some great contrasting colors

The body of the shoe is true white color, while the tongue and soul have some red tones. And throughout the shoe, you'll see some light contrasting of green, yellow, and purple.

Because of the many hues, many people have a hard time finding Jordan 6 Hare matching shirts. But it's all about finding a balance in your outfit! So let's start looking at some t-shirt options for your Jordan 6 Hare shoes.

Salute T-Shirt 

This Salute t-shirt pairs perfectly with the Jordan 6 Hare because of the red lettering and white base. The lettering says "salute to all my real ones" in all caps, with a black line going through the word "salute". This simple detail adds a touch of modern streetwear so you can wear this t-shirt on any occasion.

The Salute t-shirt also has premium quality material that never shrinks or deforms.  And if you want something with more coverage, this style is also offered in a long sleeve and hoodie. 

Illdussa T-Shirt 

If you're a fan of Medusa artwork, the Illdusa t-shirt will be your favorite. The t-shirt name is a fun play on words since the designer's brand is called Ill Currency. 

The t-shirt comes in white with the medusa art in grey. The t-shirt stands out because it has a red outline. You can also see some red, yellow, and green accent colors that pair well with the Jordan 6 Hare sneakers. 

Illcurrency T-Shirt 

This t-shirt embodies streetwear perfectly. For starters, this t-shirt comes with the words "Illcurrency" in the middle, and the words are black with a thin outline. 

The words also have a crazy drip design that flows towards the bottom of the shirt. So if you like to dress "drippy" then the Illcurrency t-shirt is great for you!

Lips Unsealed T-Shirt 

The lips unsealed t-shirt is probably one of the sickest designs on this list. The white t-shirt has a mouth centered in the middle. The lips themselves are painted with an array of colors that match the Jordan 6 Hare sneakers perfectly. 

The inner part of the mouth has a zipper that's coming undone which exposes a set of teeth that look too real. And bottom lip has a coll drip feature which embodies the "drip" aesthetic!

G Smoker T-Shirt 

If you're a fan of recreational activities, then you'll like the G-smoker t-shirt. This t-shirt has an amazing gorilla print right in the center. The gorilla also has a lit joint in its mouth with some red smoke coming out of it. 

The gorilla also has a brown beanie with a yellow and green smile face at the front. On the gorilla's face, you can see red, yellow, and purple pops of color, which all match with the Jordan 6 Hare. 

Trap House T-Shirt

If you were once a fan of Charlie Brown, then you'll like this t-shirt. In the center, you can see Charlie Brown with a black bandana, covering half his face. In his hands is a wad of cash, and funny enough, he's wearing the Jordan 6 Hare sneakers.

You can also see a green cash box right behind him. This feature matches well with the Jordan 6 Hare sneakers.

Brain's Drip T-Shirt

Another great t-shirt design is the Brain's Drip t-shirt. In the center, there's a cartoon character with a bottle of cognac. The bottle has some purple accents which match the purple on the Jordan 6 Hare sneakers.

And on the cartoon character, you can see some red accents on the nose. The character also has a red outline around it. Overall, this t-shirt has simple colors so you can match it with your Jordan 6 Hare or other sneakers. 

Ill Child T-Shirt

Halloween is around the corner, so if you want something to match the spirit, then this Chucky t-shirt is perfect. The white t-shirt has Chucky right in the center of it and he has a crazy smirk on his face.

The red hair matches perfectly with the Jordan 6 Hare soles. And on the face, some yellow tattoos go with the yellow pops of color on the Jordan 6 Hare sneakers. 

Lastly, you can see some purple on Chucky's eyes. Lastly, this t-shirt incorporates the main colors of the Jordan 6 Hare sneakers but without being overpowering.

Time Is Money T-Shirt 

This next t-shirt has kind of an 80s style feel. The t-shirt has the words "time is money" right in the middle. The colors of the words are red, black, and green. 

And there are also some cool geometric patterns surrounding the letters which are in green, purple, yellow, black, and red. And of course, the Jordan 6 Hare has all the same colors throughout the shoe.

Money Bag T-Shirt

The money bag t-shirt is definitely on our list because of the unique design style. In the middle, you can see a panda that's running off with the money bag. The color of the panda is black and white but there are some pops of color.

For example, the paws have green, purple, red, and yellow design aspects. The star-shaped eyes of the panda also have green and red tones. Lastly, the money bag has a big yellow cash sign with some green tones!

Overall, this t-shirt perfectly embodies the colors of the Jordan 6 Hare Sneakers. So you'll always have a way of styling this shirt.

Always Hustle T-Shirt

If you like colorful designs the "always hustle" t-shirt is great for you. The white t-shirt has the words "humble" and "hustle" mixed into one another. And the words "all day" and "every day" on opposite corners.

So when others see your shirt they'll see "humble all day, every day" and "hustle all day, every day". The words are also inside of a square that has yellow, purple, green, and red hues. The words themselves are purple just like the Jordan 6 Hare logo. 

By Any Means T-Shirt

Last but not least, the "by any means" t-shirt is one of the best t-shirts for your Jordan 6 Hare sneakers. The shirt has a masked red figure, with the words "got money" above the right eye.

Then the words "by any means" appear above the figure and each word is in a different color. This t-shirt appears very simple at first but the color-play is what makes it a great match for the Jordan 6 Hare sneakers. 

Jordan 6 Hare Guide

Even after finding the perfect t-shirts, it can still be hard to style your sneakers. So let's discuss ways you can build a whole outfit. For starters, let's say you picked the Trap House t-shirt to go with your Jordan 6 Hare shoes.

To complete this outfit, you could wear some black ripped pants or some dark-wash blue jeans. But if it's hot, you can wear some denim long shorts.

If you want to dress it up, you can also wear a chain or some other jewelry to make everything else come together. Overall, the basics on a fit are to wear basic jeans or shorts and let the shoes and t-shirt do the talking!

Jordan 6 Hare Tips

Now that you have the best t-shirts in your cart, let's talk about some helpful tips. For starters, you can't really go to a Jordan 6 Hare store. Nowadays most sneaker sales are done online and they have a limit.

For this reason, it's hard to find Jordan 6 Hare sneakers without them selling out first. But don't worry if you're still on the waiting list for these sneakers, here are some tips for helping you get them faster.

However, if you have a colorful t-shirt like the "always hustle" t-shirt then you'll need to tone down the rest of the fit. You can do so, by wearing plain black pants with no rips and minimal jewelry. Doing this will help you look more uniform especially when wearing colorful t-shirts!

Next, if you're a fan of hoodies and long sleeves, don't be afraid to rock them with your sneakers. Hoodies and sneakers pair very well together, so if you like a t-shirt design, ask the designer if they offer it in a hoodie design! Luckily, our top picks from above all come in long sleeves and hoodies.

Lastly, if you have a simpler design like the "by any means" t-shirt you'll want to add some accessories if you want to make a statement. For example, you wear a red belt or purple bandana to unite all of the colors. 

Know Your Shoe Size

If you're on a sneaker website, taking just a few minutes to find your shoe size can cause you to lose out. So before you enter a sneaker drop, make sure you know your exact show size, especially if you're a woman and you have to convert to men's size. 

Here's a quick lesson if you have to convert to men's sizes or vise versa. So let's say you're a size 7 in women's, you'll have to go down 1.5 sizes. So in men's you'll be a 5.5 or 5 in a half.

Look Around for Deals and Discounts

The sneaker world is a free-market economy. Therefore, individual sellers can price their shoes at any rate. So before spending a rack on some Jordan 6 Hare sneakers, look around to see if you can find a cheaper option.

However, make sure the dealer can show you proof of legitimacy. This way, you don't get any fakes!

Keep Your Sneakers Pristine

Once you have a pair of these sneakers, make sure you keep them in perfect condition, especially if you plan on reselling them in the future. Jordan 6 Hare sneakers are hard to cop so the value of these sneakers will go up over time. Therefore, you could potentially make a profit!

But this means you'll have to keep your sneaker from creasing, fading, and getting dirty. The best way to avoid these issues is by keeping your shoes in the original shoe box and keeping a mold inside the shoe. This way, the show retains its original shape even after wearing them.

For cleaning, you'll want to use a water-less shoe cleaner, polisher, and micro-fiber towel. Don't ever soak your shoes in water. Instead, use the water-less cleaner and micro-fiber town to wipe away any grime and dirt.

And don't forget to regularly clean the bottom of your Jordan 6 Hare sneakers as this part exposes the wear and tear.

The Best Sneaker and Styling Guide Made Just for You

The Jordan 6 Hare is a great sneaker to add to your collection. And now that you have a list of the best t-shirts to wear with them, you'll be unstoppable! So don't wait any longer, and start excelling in your shoe game and outfits.

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