Sneakers and Matching Tees

It's one of the greatest times to be alive.

In fact, it's a great time to find your streetwear niche.

Studies show that more than ever before, the fashion industry is blowing up. With so many new artists and designers, it's impossible to not stand in the middle of the hype.

Some folks spend their entire existence looking for the right sneaker to match tees, or the right shirts to match Jordan's. Whatever the case, pick your poison and stick to it.

The process of picking the perfect tee to match the glory adorning your feet is a delicate one. If you're not careful, you can end up looking like....well, a little wack.

From the sleeve cuff to the hem style, you have diversity in the same way you do with the shoes themselves.

We'll dive into the legacy that gear heads and sneaker geeks have forged for us. After all, they did walk to and from school uphill in the snow both ways- with bags on their feet to protect that sacred calf leather.

Know Your Tee Crew

Sneakerheads, or, individuals who geek out on the latest and greatest sneakers, await new drops on the edges of their seats.

We're talking about setting alarms at 2 a.m., camping in line overnight type of hype. We're talking get your shift covered because a new drop happens 45 minutes before you're scheduled to get home.

You can scoff all you want, but it's really no different than your Pokemon card collection in the '90s. And how about your granddad's baseball card collection?

The man just knew.

So, in the footsteps of granddads everywhere, sneakerheads have created an homage to the unique art of the collection. This time around, they're incorporating accessories and complementary pieces. 

These small tokens might sound irrelevant, but when you see the whole ensemble put together, you might just need to sit down for a minute.

In the same way, you appreciate each part of the orchestra, the process of drip practice is fine-tuned through practice.

The sneakerhead crew is loyal to the brand, and the tee.

They're ready to pay up and work hard to afford this luxury. It only makes sense that the same level of quality comes in the tees you choose to show off.

A solid shoe community can elevate your knowledge, your wardrobe, and your wallet. 

The Sneaker Head Evolution

With endless manipulation of textiles and color, the anticipation of a new sneaker drop is real.

Sneakers have found their way into the soles of our hearts. From performers to artists- everyone, everywhere can and do partake.

One of the first places sneakers became increasingly popular was on the basketball court. We're talking old school, like early 1900s old school.

When Chuck Taylors began making appearances from the 3 pointer line, not a shoe you saw that wasn’t cut from the same cloth. They became the most popular shoe for that time period.

But, as fashion shifts, so does the demand. From Frazier’s to Michael Jordan’s debut, the evolution proved itself increasingly popular. 

With the drop of Air Forces in 1985, sports enthusiasts and everyone in between could be caught with a pair. Whether on the field or on the playground, you could guarantee these babies were worn with infinite pride.

Back in the day, those Jordans were flying off the shelves. And today, despite the hype increase, sneakerheads are still eating them up. Thus, continuing to prove that it's not just about the aesthetic, it's an entire lifestyle.

The process of building a collection of anything takes hard work, a good eye, and a commitment to funding your craft. So, when you spend all of that time searching for the perfect shoe, wouldn't it make sense to find the perfect tee to match?

The perfect tee has a solid, lightweight to it. Depending on the sneaks you're flaunting, it could be a color block tee or an amalgamation of the rainbow.

Built Different

We make a lot of assumptions in 2021. More often than not, it comes back to bite us. The knowledge that we don't yet have access to is more important than what we think we know to be true.

People get collectors all wrong.

As an outsider, it might seem ludicrous to someone that you have a rack of 30 custom sneakers and the tees to match them. And that's not even the half of it.

The value behind curating a selection of anything is yours to identify. For some people, it's aged wine. For others, it's books and video games.

You take pride in the threads you've given a home. And you show that by laundering them appropriately. You show it by caring for them the way you'd care for a brand new baby.

When you dive into the realm of sneakerhood, there's no going back. 

Jordan fanatics offer a niche experience to their fellow collectors. When it comes to selling or trading, there can be a ton of fun in mystery boxes or packaged deals.

These shoes offer some of the highest quality materials in the industry. When you touch the calf leather, you notice a huge difference in texture compared to pleather or lower quality leather.

When you tie those laces, you'll take note of the crosshatched stitching and the delicate nature of the fabric.

Naturally, a tee-to-match isn't even a question. When you marry the right graphics with the right color scheme, you're on your way to 

The Truth About Collecting

We learned over the last few years from various studies that collecting actually has an enormous domino effect.

We like to collect things for many reasons. Sometimes it's for the preservation of family heirlooms.

Sometimes we're not even quite sure why we're collecting the thing in the first place.

Collecting can make you happy just by the sheer joy you experience by doing it. The pleasure center of our brain is fed by new, shiny things. Especially if that item is considered rare or hard to come by.

We know that the sneakerhead community is so vast. So, some of the best ways to connect with other like-minded people are through collection communities.

Whether it's a social media forum or a convention, our mental health is positively impacted by that experience.

If you're a clean freak, and your chances of that are high if you're a sneaker and tee collector, you know how good it feels to restore something to its original state. Because of this, collecting can actually be used as a coping skill. 

Let's say you want to spend a day reorganizing your collection by color. That process of deep cleaning your closet space and rearranging is therapeutic on its own.

In addition to offering anti-anxiety effects, collecting is really good for the brain.

Organizing color, engaging with spatial awareness, and fine motor skills are all crucial parts of development. This type of intellectual activity is the type of thing that can help decrease the risk of dementia.

Vibe Check

There's something to the beauty of creative freedom. 

Knowing you can harness your mood, your values and your vibe by the clothes you're wearing is empowering. It's an art form in and of itself. The process of choosing the perfect texture, color, and tone.

Maybe Picasso didn't think twice about the end result when he began. And maybe that's your vibe when you're looking for your next pair of Nike sneakers.

Either way, it's refreshing to start envisioning a particular look. Within that look lie identity, interest, and intention. Things spoke loudly about as young folks.

We're living through a renaissance of self-expression, likened to nothing we've ever seen before. Sure, the 70s brought us the nature of being "free" and caring about being at peace with oneself and one another.

But the extent through which we've redefined self-expression has taken that small token and birthed an entire armory of fashion subculture. 

The empowerment people are feeding one another feels so good. And sneakerheads can tell you about that first hand.

Whether you're looking for a tall tee to match those Air Jordans or your Nike Sneakers, it's all in the details

The perfect tee can make or break an entire outfit. A perfectly steamed, lightweight tee is like the cherry on top of the ultimate banana split. Or cookies and cream, pick your poison.

And collaborating on what you have to work within your closet already requires a lot of foresight. If a sneaker to tee vision board needs to happen, then it needs to happen.

When you consider the infinite ways you can express yourself just by what hangs around your torso and your feet, a giant plate full of possibility presents itself.

Influencers and Pop Culture

When it comes to new gear, social media influencers already know what's up. 

Their entire existence is fueled by knowing to buy this and not that. Back in the day, all we had to go off of was celebrities. Whether it was MTV or magazines, our idols donned the latest and greatest.

If Travis Scott rolls up with a new, heavy weight tee that compliments his Nike Airs, you better believe those particular pieces are selling out overnight.

It's not a bad thing to be a trendsetter. In fact, seeing people in the limelight be confident in what they wear helps others find that same confidence. And these days, we're lucky that the wilder it is, the better.

Pop Culture takes everything and magnifies it times one thousand. Part of it comes from the nature of fame and the other part is that they look good doing it.

Don't get me wrong, there have been some awful trends started by celebrities in music and film. The head-to-toe denim situation, the elephant bottoms you could barely walk in. And so on and so forth.

Seeing someone like Kendrick Lamar in some Freestyles with a corresponding tee definitely makes you want to mimic that swag.

So when you're looking for a way to style your Nike Air 'fit, give a nod to the top of the food chain. Take some pro tips about the tees that compliment and accentuate the Jordans on your feet. 

Don't Sweat The Small Scuff

There's plenty of fun to be had once you're decked out with the right tees for those kicks.

Experts will tell you there's a whole world of shoe nerds who are stoked to connect with more.

There are Twitch streamers, Reddit threads, and Facebook groups galore to explore the minds of your sneaker brethren. Collaboration is at the heart of a true artist. 

From sneaker summits to fun runs and sitting on the couch- your party bag is open for business. This hobby is one that promotes positive living and encourages daily routines. 

It offers the sense of pride you've been looking for to take your game up to the next level. It requires discipline, perseverance, and a really good sense of humor.

Take the plunge.

But if you try to wear those grails to the beach, just know that Jay-Z did it first.

The Right Sneaker to Match Tees

If you've made it this far, chances are you're a real one.

Authenticity is all about the truth about what's inside. You get to choose how you present that truth. As a sneakerhead, you know the right gear will have you ready to scream at the top of a mountain. 

If you're still looking for the perfect sneaker to match tees or shorts to match Jordans, let us show you around our homebase.

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