The top sneaker fashion trends for 2022

Sneaker fashion has undergone many interesting changes in its evolution. Sneakers themselves date way back to 1892 when the US Rubber Company first produced simple rubber-soled shoes with canvas tops, called Keds. At this time, sneaker fashion mostly consisted of wearing the newly invented sneaker shoe paired with whatever you normally would (slacks and button-up shirts for men, dresses for women). Today, sneaker design has evolved to the point of superior performance as well as high fashion. So too sneaker fashion. Want to know the best ways to style your look when wearing the latest kicks so you don’t end up looking like someone stuck in the past?

Let’s find out.

Sneaker Fashion for Nike Air Jordans

Currently, there is a lot happening in the world of Nike Air Jordan design. However, all you have to do to find something cool for your feet is dig into the expansive back catalog of Jordans.

Air Jordan 1

We have the original Nike Air Jordan 1, which the GOAT himself first laced up in 1984, to thank for the advent of modern sneaker culture. Nearly forty later, the Air Jordan 1 is now more in demand than ever. Sneakerhead purists may be inclined to only wear the few colorways that Mike himself wore on the court. Despite this, there is a range of options that just look cool, historical significance be damned! And the one thing that always looks good with Jordan 1s is the humble sweatsuit. Make sure it’s monochrome in color (black is best) and has elastic pant cuffs to really show off your prized kicks. The official illCurrency cotton sweatoutfit ticks all of the boxes.

Air Jordan 3

The Air Jordan I might have kick-started sneaker culture, but the Air Jordan III is still a highly prized item in any sneakerhead’s shoe rack. Back in the day, the III revolutionized the Air Jordan athletic footwear industry. Not only wasn’t it emblazoned with the ubiquitous Nike Swoosh logo (it instead featured the now-famous Jumpman logo), it also ushered in an era of futuristic-looking shoe design.

Today the Nike Air Jordan still looks as fresh and cutting-edge as it did when was first released in the late 1980s. Take for instance the recently released Nike Air Jordan 3 “Pine Green” colorway. This bold design has proven extremely popular and instantly collectible. Combining these classic kicks with the GOAT rapper himself, Biggie, surely has to be a win-win, right? Check out the Pine Green “It was all a dream” black t-shirt from illCurrency. Looking this fresh, you’ll soon be Livin’ life without fear

Air Jordan 11

One of the most popular and collectible Jumpman sneakers globally, the Nike Air Jordan 11 is best styled with simple and bold apparel. The aim should be to emphasize the undulating lines and iconic silhouette of the Nike Air Jordan 11 without making your outfit look too busy or overcomplicated. Opt for a pair of skinny-leg jeans or pants with cuffed ankles to make your shoes pop. Also, it’s important that whatever top you choose echoes the colorway of your 11s. That way, your entire ensemble looks well put together and not too jarring. For instance, the Nike Air Jordan 11 Cool Greys deserve a Cool Grey t-shirt that makes a big statement.

Sneaker Fashion for Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2

To finish this sneaker fashion trends preview of 2022, we’re jumping to a different sneaker brand inspired by another GOAT across multiple sectors: hip hop producer, artist, fashion designer and futurist. Of course, we’re talking about the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2, designed by none other than Ye. The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is a sneakerhead’s holy grail. That’s why it makes sense to pair them with outfits that highlight them, rather than overpower them. This then begs the question: is it cool to wear shorts with Yeezys?

And the answer of course is yes.

Stay away from baggy jeans and pants. Shorts, cropped pants, and rolled-up pants all work to champion your wearing of the Yeezys. And you should definitely consider the sockless look to really make them pop. Oh, and you can top off this badass streetwear with a cool cap. We recommend the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Beluga Reflective” Stitched Up cap.

Final thoughts

You’ve already invested in some fresh kicks to make your mark in 2022. Learning how to pair them with carefully chosen sneaker fashion pieces will help you create an outfit that sets you apart from the crowd. illCurrency offers a unique range of sneaker fashion items that are specifically designed to make bold sneaker-inspired fashion statements. In the words of Ye himself: “Believe in your flyness, conquer your shyness.”