Air Jordan 1 High "Black Mocha" 2020 Shirts

Official illCurrency Shirts to Match The Air Jordan 1 High "Black Mocha" 2020 sneakers. These are high-quality sneaker tees that will match the Air Jordan 1 High "Black Mocha" 2020 sneakers collection. We also have custom Tees, Hats, hoodies and more

Air Jordan 1 High “Black Mocha” 2020 Shirt Collection

No shoes deserve more to be paired with high-quality sneaker tees than the Air Jordan 1s. These iconic shoes started the ball rolling on what is now a billion-dollar industry. So if you’ve been searching for the right Jordan Black Mocha shirt, you’ve come to the right place. Here at illCurrency, you’ll find all the best sneaker apparel for all types of shoes and colorways. We carry everything from custom hats to tees and hoodies and more.  

The history and world of sneakers and footwear, in general, was forever changed with the release of the Air Jordan 1s back in 1985. Jordan was a third draft NBA pick of the Chicago Bulls. His contract was substantial, so when it came to selecting a brand to represent him, he wanted the best of the best. At the time, that meant Adidas. 

Through some stroke of fate, Nike was somehow able to snag Jordan after Adidas expressed a desire to take on and represent the athlete but an inability to do so due to being tied up in many other projects at the time. Peter Moore was the designer behind the Air Jordan 1s, which also almost didn’t fly. Jordan’s initial response to the shoe was negative, indicating he wouldn’t wear them because the colors were too flashy.

That moment sparked a marketing frenzy that pushed the Jordan 1s into the history books. Since that time, numerous colorways have come out as the shoe has gone retro over and over again.

Air Jordan 1 Black Mocha Shirts: Product Details

The Jordan Black Mocha was a highly anticipated retro release of the Air Jordan 1s because it paid homage to the Jordan 1 Travis Scott and the Jordan 1 Black Toe. With mocha suede on the heel and color blocking in black and white, the shoe also features intricate details like the Nike Air branding on the tongue, a black leather swoosh, and the Jordan Wings Logo.

When it comes to the Jordan Black Mocha shirt, you can expect the following in terms of product details:

  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Washing/Care: Wash inside out and air dry
  • Fit: Men’s=Regular and Women’s=Slim Fit
  • The fabric is a medium weight

Browse through our incredible selection of shirts, custom tees, hats, hoodies, and more today, and find the design that fits your style. Set yourself apart with the freshest sneaker-matching tees from illCurrency!

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