Air Jordan 12 “Twist” 2021

Official illCurrency Shirts to Match The Air Jordan 12 “Twist” 2021”sneakers. These are high-quality sneaker tees that will match theAir Jordan 12 “Twist” 2021 sneakers collection. We also have custom Tees, Hats, hoodies and more

Air Jordan 12 “Twist” 2021 Shirts Collection

You won’t find the perfect Air Jordans twist shirt anywhere other than illCurrency. Our comprehensive and fashionable selection of shirt designs is sure to inspire your stylistic sense and get you really excited to go out wearing the shirt with the shoes.  

Our shirts feature anything from pop culture references to slick type-based designs. Since they’re designed with the shoes in mind, you know they’ll look great together. There’s something for everyone at illCurrency, including our custom tees, hats, hoodies, and more. 

Michael Jordan wore the original Air Jordan 12 shoes during the famous game where he played while battling a fever of 103 degrees. Today, they’re designed specifically for warm-weather wear. 

The Twist colorway offers a clean and classic look, inspired by the Chicago Bulls. Dress them up or down to fit in anywhere, from the poshest places to the most chill backyard locations. The upper is all white with rich ribbed detailing. There’s also a tonal lizard texture mudguard. The last and most noticeable feature of this shoe is its small, yet loud, metallic red accents on the eyelets and sidewall stamping. 

Air Jordan 12 “Twist” 2021 Shirts: Product Details

Here’s everything you need to know about your Air Jordans Twist shirt:

  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Washing/Care: Wash inside out and air dry
  • Fit: Men’s=Regular and Women’s=Slim Fit
  • The fabric is a medium weight

Take a moment to check out the fresh designs we offer at illCurrency, and be sure to shop our wide collection of other items like hats, custom tees, hoodies, and more!

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