Air Jordan 13 Flint 2020

Official illCurrency Shirts to Match The Air Jordan 13 Flint 2020 sneakers. These are high-quality sneaker tees that will match The Air Jordan 13 Flint 2020sneakers collection. We also have custom Tees, Hats, hoodies and more

Air Jordan 13 Flint 2020 Shirts

It’s not every day you find high-quality sneaker tees to match your favorite pair of kicks. Luckily, that’s what illCurrency is all about. Our selection of products—including custom tees, hats, hoodies, and more—is designed to complement your sneakers in all their individual and unique glory. 

Searching for Air Jordan 13 Flint 2020 shirts? Look no further than our top-notch collection. We have a specific selection created to go with these iconic sneakers. You can view all the color and style options of our Air Jordan 13 Flint 2020 apparel stock at 

Though Michael Jordan never wore the Air Jordan 13 Flints on the basketball court, the shoes were still wildly successful among fans when they hit the stores after MJ’s final NBA All-Star Game for the Bulls in NYC, where he scored 23 points. This is perhaps one of the only Air Jordans not tied explicitly to the basketball superstar. Instead, the shoe was rebranded as “the people’s Jordan.” The shoes were a clean canvas of opportunities for personal greatness and achievement. And that’s what they became known for. 

This 2020 version features navy mesh and white leather upper with flint grey suede underlays. The Jumpman holograph is on the ankle with Carolina blue branding on the tongue. 

Air Jordan 13 Flint 2020 Shirts: Product Details

You gotta know what you’re getting with every Air Jordan 13 Flint 2020 shirt. Check it out below:

  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Washing/Care: Wash inside out and air dry
  • Fit: Men’s=Regular and Women’s=Slim Fit
  • The fabric is a medium weight

Discover your next fresh look with illCurrency’s selection of shirts, custom tees, hats, hoodies, and more.

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