Nike Air Max 98 Gym Red

Official illCurrency Shirts to match Nike Air Max 98 Gym Red sneakers. These are high quality sneaker tees that will match the Nike Air Max 98 Gym Red collection. We also have custom Tees, Hats, hoodies and more.

Nike Air Max 98 Gym Red Shirt Collection

Get an official Nike Air Max 98 Gym Red shirts to match the Air Max 98 Gym Red sneakers from illCurrency. Looking for more than shirts to match the Air Max 98 Gym Red? We’ve got you covered. Our tees, hats, hoodies, and other products are designed specifically to compliment your bold pair of red and white Nikes. 

The Air Max 98 came after the glory days of the AM97. It rode the coattails of that popular design with similar lines and shape, but fell rather flat during its initial release. Sneakerheads believe this was due to the fact that the AM98 failed to bring anything new or exciting to the table that could compete with the AM97s. While that might have been the reality over twenty years ago, it’s certainly not the case today. Since 1998, the Nike Air Max 98 has become a more popular shoe than ever before. 

The shoe was brought back in 2018 with new colorways that combined style with functional streetwear. It’s been widely accepted and popular ever since. One of the most iconic colorways on the AM98 is the Gym Red. Two-toned red hues are separated by stripes of white showing off the Nike symbol—making the shoe as eye-catching as it is stylish. And thanks to illCurrency, you can find shirts to match the Air Max 98 Gym Red colorway. 

Nike Air Max 98 Gym Red Shirts: Product Description

Take a look at the following product details of our Nike Air Max 98 Gym Red shirt:

  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Washing/Care: Wash inside out and air dry
  • Fit: Men’s=Regular and Women’s=Slim Fit
  • The fabric is a medium weight

Browse through our incredible selection of shirts, custom tees, hats, hoodies, and more today, and find the design that fits your style. Set yourself apart with the freshest sneaker-matching tees from illCurrency! 

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