Best Gifts for Sneakerheads

Sneakerheads are all around us. If you think about it, you could probably name a nephew, friend, or middle manager close to you who qualifies. As far as hobbies go, collecting sneakers is a fun one and one for which finding the right gift isn’t as difficult as you might think without breaking the bank for a new pair. 

Whether that friend or loved one in your life is celebrating a special day or you’re just in a gift-giving mood, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gifts for sneakerheads

Shoe Cleaning Kit

The first of our sneaker gift ideas is a pretty straightforward one. Collecting sneakers that matter—that have some sort of significance—means your favorite sneakerhead is going to want to take good care of those shoes. Therefore, a shoe cleaning kit is a perfect gift. Most shoe cleaning kits come with similar products at varying price points. Select one within your price range and boom—you’ve just given the sneakerhead in your life one of the best gifts you can give them. The team at illCurrency recommends the Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit from Reshoevn8r. Let them know we sent you! 

Designer Socks

Someone who cares enough about sneakers to collect them and store them is going to care about what they put on their feet. Maybe they don’t wear some of the models they’ve collected, but you can bet they’ve got some high-end sneakers they like to show off. Help them do that by getting them the right pair of socks to complement their fancy kicks. It's no secret that Stance socks are some of the best designer socks around. Check out their massive selection of socks and find a pair that matches your sneakerhead's fresh kicks! 

Shoe Travel Bags

Shoe travel bags are excellent sneaker gifts. Not only are you helping your sneakerhead protect their valuable shoes, but you’re also helping them keep the rest of their travel stuff clean—just in case the shoes have any dirt on them from use (which they shouldn’t if you got them that shoe cleaning kit). The team at illCurrency loves the Supreme Utility Bag. You can find them for a decent price on StockX. If you are looking for something a little cheaper, there is a great selection of travel bags to choose from on Amazon. 

Sole Shields


Sole shields are versatile in their uses. They protect sneaker soles from light wear, stains, and dirt. Some sneakerheads use them to protect the soles of their sneakers when they wear them so that the shoes can still sell for a good price later. You can get sole shields in packages including the shields themselves, prep-cleaning pads, and four traction pads if you do your shopping well. The Sole Shields at Reshoevn8r are a team favorite at illCurrency! 

Shoe Storage Box/Display

Give the sneakerhead you know the ability to better show off their amazing shoes with a shoe storage box/display unit. Many shoes look just as good if not better off-feet and on display. As far as gifts for sneakerheads go, this one might take the cake. You’re giving them the ability to store AND put their collection out there for people to see. You can find great deals on shoe storage boxes and displays on Amazon. Help keep your sneakerhead's kicks stay fresh and pick one up!

Sneaker Keychains

Looking for smaller sneaker collector gifts? A sneaker keychain or pin is a good option to consider. Small and unobtrusive keychains or pins are a fun way for sneakerheads to subtly show off their affinity for fresh kicks. Mini Sneaker Shop has an awesome selection of keychains of the latest kicks. Pick out a keychain for your sneakerhead and let them know we sent you!

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