How to Style Your Jordan 4s

With the success of the Jordan 3 back in 1988, Tinker Hatfield, the designer of the Jordan series, might have felt great pressure to produce something equally as remarkable as the previous release. We could say that the Air Jordan 4 was an instant hit when it was released and up until today a lot of fans are still into it. 

People are still clamoring to have a chance to purchase these exclusive sneakers years after the Air Jordan 4 further established the brand as one of the market leaders in the sneaker industry.

Since there are so many Air Jordan 4s on the market right now, sneakerheads may be a little perplexed about how to style them. But don't worry, we're here to assist! It may not come as a surprise to find that we at illCurrency are all ardent admirers of the Air Jordan 4, so we've up with some tips, techniques, and recommendations for donning this famous style.

So be sure to read the rest of this article for more ideas before you go out and get your next high-heat pair of AJ4s!

Air Jordan 4 x Union LA “Off Noir”

Air Jordan 4 x UNION LA "Off Noir" sneakers are up first. These AJ4s which were released in 2020, were created in collaboration with the renowned UNION LA boutique. They have a strange combination of tones and textures that results in a unique take on the iconic AJ4 design. You may use a vintage sweatshirt jacket or hoodie from illCurrency to complete the look. The shape of this item is ideal for emphasizing the different hues of the sneakers.

You can also wear a classic black pair of slim-fitting jeans on the bottom half. This sweatshirt and jeans combination has a slightly cropped finish, further highlighting the shoes in the foreground. Try matching your fit as well to one of the many colors on the shoe for a unique appearance!

Air Jordan 4 Lightning

Let your pair of Air Jordan 4 "Lightning" do the talking for our next look by dressing in a monochrome black/grey/white color scheme. You may put on a black New York Yankees cap with a white contrast logo to cover the top half. You may also pair a heather grey AJ4s hoodie with a matching cropped top bomber jacket from illCurrency for the upper layers.

You may keep it basic with a pair of black, slim-fitting jeans for your bottoms, allowing the shoes to stand out once more to highlight a pair of Air Jordan 4 "Lightning" as your kicks. Despite its tardy 2021 arrival, this model has already caught the attention of AJ4 aficionados all across the world thanks to its remarkable look. The capacity of this ensemble to enable the passionate yellow color of the sneaker to shine above everything else is the reason why it blends so well. If you don't want to wear such dark colors, consider wearing this shoe in navy or purple colors.

Air Jordan 4 “What The”  

The Air Jordan 4 "What The" is the next item we have here. For those who are unfamiliar, this sneaker debuted in 2019 and blends four iconic Jordan 4 colorways. The colors "Fire Red," "White Cement," "Bred," and "Military Blue" combine to form a single, distinctive blended shape. You may blend the shades of blue, white, and red for a complementing aesthetic to match the range of colors visible on the sneaker. He sports a New Era LA Dodgers windbreaker on the upper half of his outfit, which has entirely complementary colors and a loose fit.

Wear a similar pair of blue NikeLab joggers with a white NikeLab logo on the leg to complete the look's bottom half. These joggers have a tapered fit that ends in a cuffed closure, which is ideal for emphasizing the shoes worn on the feet. If you're hesitant to wear colorful clothing yourself, these sneakers go great with any neutral colors, including white, black, or grey.

Air Jordan 4 OG “White Cement”

You may design a modern streetwear-inspired fit for your pair of Air Jordan 4 OG "White Cement" as our last fit option. You may put an illCurrency varsity jacket over a grey hoodie to complete the upper section of the ensemble. The jacket has a variety of embroidered patterns along with coordinated shades of grey, navy, and cream.

You might dress in a pair of loose-fitting cargo pants with a sandy beige color for your legs. A seamless fit is achieved between the varsity jacket's navy, grey, and cream tones and the cargos' color. The loose fit of the pants partially hides the pair of Air Jordan 4 OG "White Cement" on the feet, offering a novel way to show off the footwear. Similar to the last pair, you may always strive for any neutral tones for a safe appearance if you're confused of what colors to pair this footwear with.

There you have it—a collection of Jordan OOTD to give you a little bit of motivation when you're having trouble finding the ideal match for your sneakers. It's no secret that sneakerheads start with their footwear before deciding on an outfit, so you may occasionally need to go outside of the box if you really want to wear your beloved pair of Js.

Overall, we believe that oversized garments go best with Jordans, but be sure there is some contrast. Visit illCurrency as a place to start if you need to change your wardrobe but aren't sure where to start looking for the ideal sweatshirts and tees to complement your sneakers!