Style Wise: A Guide on Putting Together the Best Yeezy Zebra Outfits

A recent study found that people aged 20 to 30 purchased the highest amount of sneakers, spending over $400 per year. Sneakers have been a collectible item starting back with the release of the Air Jordans, and ever since then, the demand for designer sneakers has grown. 

Now, Kanye West has his own clothing and sneaker line called Yeezy. His sneakers consist of a primeknit material and come in various colors and patterns. The zebra pattern is especially unique; it not only features a zebra print but a translucent midsole. 

If you want to purchase these shoes, you might want to first think about what you will wear with them. After all, the zebra print will certainly catch attention, so what goes with these shoes? 

Don’t worry with this guide; you can find out! From how to use color to your advantage to what to wear, you can learn how to properly style these shoes today. 

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s an in-depth look at what to wear with Yeezy Zebra sneakers: 

Use Color to Your Advantage  

First things first, let’s talk about color. These Yeezy boost zebra sneakers feature two prominent colors: white and black. Both white and black pair well with solid colors, but because zebra is a print, the sneakers will tend to clash with other prints if you’re not careful.  

So when you’re choosing your clothing, don’t try to match patterns together or wear two contrasting prints. You see, loud and vibrant prints will only make your outfit look chaotic and cluttered. So avoid wearing patterns like cheetah prints, checkerboard, and even flower designs. 

Instead, stick to solid colors; it will make your outfit look more cohesive and fashionable. As for what colors you should wear, choose any color you want.

These sneakers fit the stylish hype of neon colors and the warm and comfy feel of darker hues. Plus, they act as an accent to all-white or all-black outfits. 

However, if you’re unsure where to start, here are a few complimentary colors to get you started: 

  • Turquoise 
  • Red
  • Yellow 
  • Silver 
  • Lime Green 
  • Royal Blue 
  • Pink 
  • Purple 

Now, when you style your outfit, pay attention to how color contrasts with your shoes and other clothing pieces. You see, if you wear two bright colors like pink and lime green, they can contrast with each other, making the outfit look intense. 

Instead, try to find colors that complement each other that way, your outfit looks cohesive. For example, you could wear a red top, black jeans, or flip it around and wear a black top with red jeans. Both outfits would look great, along with the zebra print sneakers. 

After all, there’s no way you can go wrong with these stylish shoes, so why not be creative with your color choices. So use color to your advantage today to create a one-of-a-kind outfit. 

Be Classic with Jeans and a T-shirt 

One of the best ways to style your Yeezy sneakers is with a simple look. Just throw on a white shirt and a pair of jeans, and you’ll be ready to walk out in style. 

However, if you want to dress up this look, all you need to do is add a few layers. Put on a t-shirt, jeans with fashionable tears, and a jacket. Whether it be a leather jacket or a simple windbreaker, is up to you.  

Although, here’s an idea to think about: double denim. Rock your favorite pair of jeans with a jean jacket. It’ll not only showcase your fun and interesting style, but the denim will accent your shoes; how cool is that? 

Though the style is not for everyone, if you want an outfit that’s more non-traditional, you could put a crop top hoodie over your t-shirt; that way, the t-shirt pulls tight around your waist but bustles out over your jeans. It not only gives you the fit and flare look, but it showcases that you’re interested in trying new things.   

If it’s colder outside, pair the jeans with a long sleeve tee or a light sweater. However, if the weather is warmer, you could always put on a pair of jean shorts, along with a simple t-shirt or crop top. That way, no matter what the weather is like, you don’t have to feel limited in your choices. 

Now, don’t forget to add a few accessories such as a watch, a necklace, or a hat to your overall outfit. Then all you have to do is slip those Yeezy’s on, and you’re good to go. 

Stay Cozy with Sweats 

Sweats are meant to be worn with these shoes. They not only bring out the knit pattern in the shoes but act as an accent pattern for your outfit. You see, most sweats tend to be black, grey, or white with some detail on the sides. 

So to style a look, you can throw on a matching pair of sweats or change it up and mismatch the pieces. You can even just wear the sweatpants and rock a crop top, sports bra, or a t-shirt. On the flip side, you can wear just the sweatshirt and pair it with gym shorts, yoga pants, or jeans. 

Plus, if you’re cold, you can always wear a large trench coat or rain jacket over your outfit. The jacket will make your outfit look comfortable and cozy. You can even wear a hat, like a baseball cap or a beanie, if you need to keep your head warm. 

Now, one of the unsung heroes of sweats is the tracksuit. The tracksuit absolutely slays with these Yeezy’s. However, because tracksuits come in more variety of patterns and colors, make sure you wear one that goes with the shoes. Underneath, you can pair it with a simple tank top, undershirt, or sports bra.  

For the warmer months, you can wear sweat shorts, along with a hoodie, t-shirt, or crop top. 

Now, don’t forget to accessorize; it truly makes or breaks a look. Add a few layered necklaces or bracelets, as well as an earring or two to complete the look. 

Pair Them with Athleisure Wear

These sneakers were made for exercising, so naturally, it makes sense that athleisure pairs perfectly with these shoes. Now, you can go the easy route and throw on a tank top or a sports bra along with a pair of gym shorts and head out. 

If you want to dress up your outfit, all you need to do is grab some leggings, a crop top, and call it a day. Now, if you’re not comfortable with a crop top, you can go for the layered look, which consists of a tank top or a sports bra under a breathable t-shirt or a hoodie. 

Although if it’s colder, you might want to wear a breathable tank under long sleeve t-shirt. Plus, you always wear a running jacket or wrap over your outfit to keep you warm in the colder months.  

You see, the possibilities are limitless, and as such, you can even pair these Yeezy’s with a breathable bodysuit along with joggers. You can also pair them with an athleisure jumpsuit or romper; how cool is that? 

Just don’t forget to bring your accessories like your Fitbit, your headphones, and a necklace or two. They help tie your outfit together to make it look stylish and chic. 

Take a Risk with a Skirt 

Now, hear us out, pairing a skirt with sneakers may sound like a fashion disaster, but it’s actually a great way to look chic while being active. You see, with sneakers, you can walk longer distances since you have more support under your feet. Plus, you can do more strenuous activities since you have the right footwear. 

So have we convinced you yet? If not, how you style your outfit will certainly win you over. You see, you can pair a crop top or a t-shirt along with a skirt and be ready to start your day. 

However, if the weather is a little colder, you can put on a cropped hoodie or a loose sweater with a long skirt. Plus, you can add a jacket or a wrap as needed, along with a hat or sunglasses to keep the weather at bay. 

Now, there’s one thing that needs to be pointed out don’t be afraid to play with different types of skirts. You see, different skirt types showcase your figure and even the shoes in various ways. So instead of wearing only one skirt type, try different ones on and see which ones you like and don’t. 

After all, some show more leg, while others end at the ankle. Since sneakers are bulkier than sandals or heels, which are traditionally worn with skirts, you’ll want to leave some room for them.  

In other words, wear skirts that end above the ankle or are shorter. A fan favorite to wear with sneakers is a high-low skirt. It perfectly displays your shoes while adding a bit of style to your outfit. 

As accessories go, there really are no limits as to what you can wear, so for example, you could wear necklaces, earrings, rings, as well as bracelets. Just remember not to go overboard with the styling. It can make your outfit look cluttered and disorganized. 

Be Adventurous and Pair Them with a Dress 

Now, if you thought skirts and sneakers were risky, well, then do we have some news for you. A dress may not be the first thing you think to style your sneakers with, but it certainly works out. 

Like skirts, the dress does two things it first showcases your figure, and second, it accents your sneakers. That way, your sneakers are displayed for everyone to see instead of hidden with the other facets of your outfit. A dress makes your sneakers a more prominent focal point of your outfit than most other looks do. 

To ensure your outfit looks good, pair your Yeezy’s with a dress that ends above the knees or is shorter. Longer dresses tend to have more fabric and be flowy; thus, the sneakers will be hidden. Also, ensure the color and the pattern doesn’t contrast with the pattern of the shoes.  

Now, if you want to get creative, you can always create a layered look with your dress. Just put a plain t-shirt on and over it, slide on your dress. It’s one way to make your dress look casual while still rocking the piece. 

Plus, if the weather is cold, you can always add a jacket or even throw on a hoodie. As for accessories, the simpler, the better; you want your sneakers to stand out after all. So just wear a minimal chain necklace or a bracelet or two.  

Wear Your Yeezy Zebra Sneakers Today 

These Adidas Yeezy sneakers will go with any outfit no matter the style, thanks in part to its cozy knit material. Plus, it features black and white zebra print, so you can pair these shoes with any solid color. 

However, beware of mixing and matching patterns and other prints. If you do, you risk your outfit looking chaotic and cluttered. So instead, try one of the outfits we suggested, like a pair of sweats, or try the double denim look. You can even rock a tracksuit or a pair of yoga pants and a crop top.   

Although, if you don’t want to put much thought into your outfit, just throw on a plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans. They’ll never do you wrong!

So what are you waiting for? Purchase Yeezy Zebra sneakers today!

Now, if you’d like to learn more information about Yeezy shoes, go shop at our store. We look forward to helping you!