Air Jordan 3 "Palomino" Black T-Shirt (PACINO)
Air Jordan 3 "Palomino" Black T-Shirt (PACINO)
Air Jordan 3 "Palomino" Black T-Shirt (PACINO)

Air Jordan 3 "Palomino" Black T-Shirt (PACINO)

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The attention-grabbing design of our sneaker tees is specifically tailored to enhance the overall look of your Air Jordan 3 Palomino sneakers. These tees effortlessly combine with the sneaker's distinct features, making for a cohesive and fashionable ensemble.

MJ's third characteristic style, appropriately dubbed "Autumn Collection," outfits its normal leather real estate in a prominent suede treatment. The latter, which is nearly all "Light Orewood Brown" cured, provides a blank canvas for the "Palomino" coated elephant print panels to show through with a personal touch. While a golden allure radiates over the metallic Jumpman insignias on the tongue and heel, chocolate brown contrasts deepen the heel and keep the eye above a greyed-out tread.

This product comes in a hoodie, t-shirt, and sweatshirt that features an edit of Tony Montana wearing sunglasses and headphones with the illCurrency logo, against a backdrop of cash and divided into squares.

  • 100% Cotton Premium T-Shirts
  • High Quality Digital Printing
  • No bad ink or graphic tearing from screen printing!

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